Váš osvědčený dodavatel spolehlivých mikroskopů od r. 1993!

Arsenal s. r. o.

vzorková prodejna:
Na Strži 59/1194
Praha 4
140 00
tel.: 720 518 657
skype: mikroskopy_arsenal


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Harlotspa 06.02.2019
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In the old days, you came to the sauna object of three thousand rubles per hour, stayed there for five hours, you were not told the words that you had been benefit so much an hour, they also gave money on top for having a suitable rest. Straight away occasionally they holler for the duration of an hour and say: “I gave three thousand in compensation you, do you understand this?” We had this locale: the girl asked for tea, she was postulated a occupation of tea (laughs).